Web Based CW Testing

It is now possible to administer CW testing via a Web browser, regardless of the PC you are using. These files will work even on a Mac, Sun, PC or any other type of workstation, as long as it supports ZIP format file expansion.

There are three ZIP files, one for each of the CW elements: 1A.ZIP, 1B.ZIP and 1C.ZIP. Each file is around 100KB in length. But please be careful. When expanded these files will greatly increase in size so you must be sure you have enough HDD space before expanding them. The expansion ratio is 150 to 250 times the ZIP file size. The file 1A.ZIP is only 96,160 bytes when downloaded, but it will be 24,232,887 bytes after expansion.

Each ZIP file expands into ten tests having three files for each test. For example for each test numbered n, the file 1A.ZIP becomes 1A-n.WAV (audio), 1A-TESTn.HTM (multiple choice 10 question test paper), and 1A-KEYn.HTM (key with test text and answers for the ten question).

To administer a test:
  1. Use the Browser File, Open Page command and select the WAV file you want to play, e.g. 1A-1.WAV. (use a file name of  *.WAV   to force the browser to look at non-HTML files). Press OK to play the test.

  2. After the test is played you can access the test paper by opening it in the browser, e.g. File, Open Page for the file 1A-TEST1.HTM. You can then take the test right off the screen, or print the test paper. If you print, set all margins to zero (Top, Bottom, Left and Right) and deselect all print options (Document Title, Document Location URL, Page Number, Page Total, and Date Printed).

  3. After taking the test, access the key to see the correct answers, e.g. open the file 1A-Key1.HTM

Download CW Tests
Novice 1A Tests General 1B Tests Extra 1C Tests

By Joe Speroni