New Ham Academy Overview
(HTML5 Version)

Ham Academy is a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) based Javascript program that assists teaching the Amateur Radio theory using the VEC questions pools. Ham Academy uses on-line interactive sessions for reviewing the questions pools.

Students first register their name (which is used as a file name for storing session statistics). A session is begun by selecting the question pool and then the subset of pool questions to be used in the interactive session. The questions pools have been updated to the latest set from the ARRL web site.

During a session the selected questions are displayed and the student chooses from the four possible answers - A thru D. HA keeps statistics on the correct and missed questions. At the end of the session the student can repeat the session using only the missed questions. This selective repetition helps the student with weak areas in learning the material.

At any time during a session, the student can suspend it and exit from the program. Later, the session can be resumed and testing continued. The session statistics are stored in the browser "cookie" file for up to one year.

The program is entirely written in Javascript and intended to be run over Internet. It is designed to load the files, graphics, and html pages before starting. So it can run without an Internet connection.

HA now has its own web site at

By Joe Speroni