List of Military Recreation Stations
(Do Not Require Licensed Amateurs As Trustees)

Total of 43 Military Recreation Stations
Club Club Trustee Trustee Call Expires Callsign Expires Club Name K1KBO 07-25-2016 USA INTELLIGENCE CENTER FORT HUACHUCA K1SSN 04-30-2018 SUBMARINE BASE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB W1CGA 07-15-2017 USCGA Cadet Amateur Radio Club K2USA 05-16-2017 FORT MONMOUTH ARC KD2DJB 01-17-2023 106 RESCUE WING (106RQW) W2AIR 11-04-2022 Coast Guard Island Amateur Radio Club W2KGY 06-11-2023 USMA Amateur Radio Club W2USA 01-26-2023 Fort Lewis Amateur Radio Activity WA2ZXS 05-07-2021 416 COMBAT SUPPORT GROUP K3AF 01-27-2024 Andrews AFB MARS K3NAL 04-07-2019 NAS PATUXENT RIVER MD MILITARY RECREATION STN K3NSS 06-18-2024 HDQTRS NAVY MARINE CORPS MARS WB3FRW 10-09-2017 US ARMY RESEARCH LABORATORY K4AF 08-13-2017 PENTAGON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB K4CG 11-26-2023 USCG RADIO STA K4NAA 06-18-2024 HQ NAVY MARINE CORPS MARS K4WAR 11-14-2020 USAISC FORT GORDON KJ4WJD 07-07-2020 SCSC Military Recreation Station KK4BWD 05-02-2021 Fort Stewart IOC KK4BXI 05-04-2021 Fort Stewart Emergency Operations Ctr KP4USN 08-20-2018 FORT BUCHANAN ARC W4ODR 05-31-2021 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT WA4ZBK 04-23-2017 HDQTRS TENN ARMY NATIONAL GUARD WA4ZUA 03-29-2024 ATLANTIC FLEET HQ SPPRT ACT NH 34 K5TYP 04-25-2021 KEESLER AMATEUR RADIO CLUB K5USA 07-15-2017 USAISC FORT SILL ASNB SIL KF5KVZ 04-29-2021 Keesler Amateur Radio Club KE6UEU 06-21-2016 TRAVIS MILITARY AFFILIATE RADIO SYSTEM STN KF6FVK 08-21-2016 USCG RADIO STA KH6ENC 07-08-2018 169th OLAA ACWF KH6SP 12-04-2022 NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE PEARL KH6UL 12-04-2022 US NAV CMPTR & TLCMN AREA MSTR STA E PAC KJ6LCP 10-27-2020 U S Navy Corona Military Recreation Station KK6FBQ 06-18-2023 NAVY MARINE CORP MARS STATION KK6LLG 04-22-2024 POINT MUGU NAVAL AIR STATION KK6SGA 02-27-2025 NAVY MARINE CORP MARS RADIO STATION WB6GUI 04-28-2019 NAVY-MARINE CORPS MARS STATION KE7YYD 12-15-2018 Madigan Army Medical Center KF7WUB 07-19-2022 HHC 1249 EN BN COMMUNICATIONS ELEMENT KL7AIR 09-17-2021 ELMENDORF AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY KL7FBI 03-01-2024 SHEMYA AFB AMATEUR RADIO CLUB KL7USA 12-05-2024 USAISC FRA FT RICHARDSON AK W7UMX 05-27-2023 NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND